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A New Music

Posted by Indignus Vernula on June 19, 2007

The music is playing
And people are dancing.
Singing and enjoying
Those people are smiling.

I knew the song and the melody.
The same song I used to sing
The same melody I moved with.
The same people i got along with.

It was the song that calmed me
It was the melody that lived in me.
I was one of those people…
But then that was all gone.

The music started to fade.
The songs were out of tune.
Suddenly I was out of groove.
And people thought I was crazed.

For it wasn’t the music that changed,
Nor the melody was inharmonious.
Those people are still the same.
And then I knew, change is coming in.

I heard a new music
Different from waht I’ve known.

A new song, a new melody.
A new music that lives in your heart
It never dies for it will be with you
Until the end, until eternity.


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