Indignus Vernula

I remain another unworthy servant…

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Indignus Vernula is a Latin word meaning “unworhty servant.” It is from the gospel of Luke 17:10. Though it is translated as servus inutiles, I used I.V. because I found another blogger using the word “servus”. So for originality’s sake, I used I.V.


Everyone is free to leave their comments. 🙂

With Love,

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4 Responses to “Vernula”

  1. R said

    welcome to the blogosphere. bro or sis. join ka po sa KaaniBlogs Community natin.

  2. R said

    you can link up not just the MSNP blog, but also other blogs of fellow Christians.

    I have a quite a roll of these links in my blog and my mini blog, certified as KaaniBlogs.

    i’ll update that links including yours here, pag nadagdagan na po cguro ang posts mo dito.

  3. dhyahk said

    astiodzz po tlagh,,sna matutunan ko n rin kung paano magpost ng mga ganyan,,wahahaha,,T__Y,,

  4. Yirmeyah said

    Hello po sis! Thanks for adding my site to your blogroll. registered po kayo sa ano username nyo dun?

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