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What’s on your drug label?

Posted by Indignus Vernula on July 23, 2007


I hate taking medicines! So whenever I have to take one, I always take it with water.  I don’t like the taste and the odor of any drugs.  But after reading an article at Reader’s Digest July 2007 issue, I told myself that from now on I’m gonna follow what the label says. With or without water… 😦

Here are some warnings we should follow, from Kelly Shields, PharmD of Raabe College of Pharmacy in Ohio:

Take with a full glass of water
Water helps dilute drugs so that they will not irritate the esophagus or the stomach lining.  Water flushes the pills into the abdomen to disintegrate properly
It can also help you swallow the pill easier 😉

A woman took her osteoporosis pills with just a sip of water even though the sticker said to drink the full glass. After that, she felt a burning in her throat. As it turns out, the pill can get stuck and may damage your esophagus. Uh-oh!

Stay out of the sun
Some drugs increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunburn.  If you usually burn in 20 minutes, it may take only 10 on that drug.

Avoid dairy
You won’t get the right dose because calcium can delay drug absorption.

Take with food
Food boosts absorption and helps reduce nausea.

Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery
Some drugs make you drowsy or dizzy and it slows the reaction time and motor skills.

Still, it is best to keep ourselves healthy.


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