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From clotheslines to tumble dyers, and to clotheslines again?

Posted by Indignus Vernula on July 16, 2007

The old-fashioned rows of colorful clothing flapping in a sunny breeze are not a common sight anymore.  Tumble dryers have replaced this method.  I remembered my teacher who once said, “The mother of technology is laziness.”  Not at all.  Because another saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” which I believe is true.

Tumble dryers. A French guy named Poncho invented a 1799 version of a “dryer”. Then, on June 7, 1982, George T. Sampson received a US Patent for his version of an improved rack for holding wet clothes near a heat source.  Electric tumble dryers appeared in the 20th century.



However, energy and environment awareness grow and homeowners are getting “reacquainted” with the clothes line.  We can get many benefits from drying our clothes the “typical” way.  Clothing lasts longer because it’s not frequently banging around inside the dryer. There’s no static grip. Fresh air naturally enhances the clothing, towels, and linens so perfumes are not necessary anymore. Plus the sunshine naturally and gently bleaches and whitens.

Using free solar and wind energy instead of a dryer can prevent the emission of 1,500 pounds of greenhouse gases every year, some experts estimate, while saving a family of four up to $100 a year.

But some places are just too polluted to dry your clothes outside.  Installation of clotheslines in condos or townhouses may be banned by some cities.  Some cities only allow them only in back or side yards.  Clotheslines are easy to install.  You can also buy them at Sephora, home-improvement stores, or over the internet. 

Just some tips to remember for outdoor drying:
– Shake out the clothing before hanging to lessen wrinkles.
– Hang heaviest items at the end of the line to get the most support.
– Hang shirts and tops from the hem or tail so clothespin marks won’t show.
– Put your precious no-press clothing on hangers.
– Hang pants and skirts with their pockets pulled out.
– My mom also add vinegar to the rinsing process. She said that it removes soap residues that sometimes cause stiffness. She also told me that I don’t need to worry about the smell because the odor disappears as the clothing dries.  I never tried it yet…

And some facts to remember:
– Wind and sun’s heat can kill molds, so hang out those moldy items.
– It is perfect for drying rubber mats, rubber-backed rugs, king size linens, or your Welcome doormat.
– King Sun can bleach out some ghostly gray stains.
– It’s sunbathing at the same time.
– It leaves fresh smell on your clothes and linens.

So enjoy your next laundry, and be sure not to expose your signature clothing within your neighbors’ sight… you might not see it again. 🙂


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MS Excel Shortcuts

Posted by Indignus Vernula on July 14, 2007

I’m doing my report on Excel then I got a little bored.  Experimented on some hot keys and look what I discovered…  “Ctrl” shortcut key combinations. 😀

Ctrl +            Removes the border of the selected cell/s.

Ctrl +              Displays Delete Row/Column/Cell dialog box

Ctrl + :             Enters the current time.

Ctrl + ;             Enters the current date.

Ctrl +            Displays Insert dialog box.

Ctrl +             Format Cell dialog box.

Ctrl + 2             Applies/removes bold text.

Ctrl + 3             Applies/removes italic text.

Ctrl + 4             Applies/removes underlined text.

Ctrl + 5             Applies/removes strikethrough text.

Ctrl + 6             I don’t know. 😐

Ctrl +             Displays/hides the standard bar.

Ctrl + 8             I don’t know… something about the outline symbols. This is the prompt when I pressed it: Cannot show outline symbols because no outline exists on the active worksheet. Create an outline? Yes No

Ctrl +             Hides the selected row/s.

Ctrl + 0             Hides the selected column/s.

Ctrl + G             Go To

Ctrl + K             Inserts hyperlink

 I hope it will help you.  Have a good one. 🙂

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Friday the 13th

Posted by Indignus Vernula on July 13, 2007

What’s the fuzz about it? Really.  Last April 13th, people wished to stay indoors and have a “good time” when it’s Friday, and like their normal trend, Friday nights means party.  But it’s different when its the 13th, and it’s Friday. 

So what’s all about it?

BBC reported that,

“No one’s quite sure where the myth of Friday 13th comes from. Some people think that it could be because Jesus was crucified on a Friday and there were 13 people at the Last Supper. But wherever the idea comes from, you shouldn’t worry – experts reckon that luck is all down to how positive you feel about life.”

At least they don’t need to worry about any traffic situations.

They also reported that in 2004, 1.3 million British were staying indoors just to avoid the bad luck. Taking leave from work just to stay home and avoid the bad luck, hmmm I should try that tomorrow. But yeah, I don’t believe in Friday the 13th.

Perhaps I should try my luck. Yes, tomorrow. I’ll call in sick tomorrow and then go bungee jumping without a safety cord… freaky! However, you won’t believe that people really try on their luck just to prove that the belief is rubbish. Pfffft!  I really don’t believe in that.

No, I won’t be calling in sick tomorrow because it’s my day-off.  Another thing is that I have some more serious things to attend.  And just to prove that it is really crap, I’m going out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ll just wait for the new statistics. 😀

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When your TV remote control is missing…

Posted by Indignus Vernula on July 13, 2007

Want to change the TV channel but the remote control is missing? No problem. This guy, Sam Noyoun, came up with an alternative.

Watch the video and have fun. 🙂

I tried this on an ordinary flashlight and it didn’t work. I borrowed my uncle’s maglite and it worked. It’s cool. 😀

The Principle:
The disk from the floppy filters natural light and only let through the infrared light, thus what you are doing is an infrared LED.

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Pukpok Palayok

Posted by Indignus Vernula on July 11, 2007

Pukpok Palayok 

Hindi ko akalain na mayroon na ding pukpok palayok dito sa Hawaii.  Sabagay sa dami ba naman ng mga Filipino (Ilocanos to be exact) dito ay ano pa ba ang hindi nila nadala? Kalabaw kaya? Pero nakakatuwa makakita ulit no’n 😀 .  Papauwi kasi ako noong araw na yun galing sa trabaho tapos may children’s party sa kalapit bahay.  Parang nasa Pinas din talaga kasi may mga nagvivideoke, may nagtatagayan, hindi papahuli yung repolyong-may-nakatusok-na-hotdog-at-may-marshmallows-sa-dulo, mga nanay na nagkwekwentuhan at nagtsitsismisan, at syempre Pinoy games.  Minabuti ko na manuod na lang muna at magpalipas ng oras.  Buti na lang may bus stop sa tapat ng bahay nila kaya doon ko sila pinapanood.

Mga batang dito na ipinanganak ang mga kalahok sa games kaya naman hindi nila maunawaan ang pinagsasabi nung nageexplain.  So yun, sinabi na lang na parang “piñata” ito.   Ang piñata… pukpok palayok… saan ba sila galing?

Ang salitang “piñata” ay Spanish word na nagmula naman sa Italian word na “pignatta” na nangangahulugang “pinecone.”

Pinaghihinalaang nagsimula ang pag-iral nito noong 14th century sa China.  Ang mga magsasakang Intsik ay gumagamit ng mga naturang palayok na hugis hayop at nababalutan ng mga makukulay na papel para sa mabungang pagaani.  Pinaniniwalaan din na nung natuklasan ni Marco Polo ang tradisyong ito sa mga Tsekwa ay ibinalita niya ito sa mga Europeo noon ding 14th century.  Around 16th century, ang mga Kastilang missionaries naman ang nagpakilala nito sa mga Aztec Indians sa Mexico (hindi sa Pampanga ha..)  Ginamit pa nila ito sa mga ceremonies upang ma-convert ang mga Aztec sa Kristianismo.  Ginaamit ang piñata sa mga ritual gaya ng pagdating ng ulan, new year, pagcoconvert sa Kristianismo, pagaani, o ano kaya ay sa mga birthdays.  Kaya hindi naman lagi candy, barya, o pulbos ang laman ng palayok.  Naisip ko lang… kanino kaya natin namana ang pukpok palayok? Sa mga Intsik ba o sa mga Kastila.

Sa panahon natin ngayon, iilang bansa na lang ang gumagamit ng palayok.  Uso na kasi ang mga piñata na karton. Nakakatuwa ang mga hugis nito, may Dora, Superman, kabayo, star, at kung anu-ano pa.


Nakakatuwa maglaro nito.  Katunayan eh naiimagine ko ang mga itsura ng mga audience at ng pupukpok.  Hahaha!  Sige diretso. Kanan. Ay bobo.  Atras ng onte. Kaliwa.  Kanan! Kanan!  Sa dami ng mga direksyon ay malilito ka talaga.  Kaya naman kung anu-ano ang napupukpok… tapos yung itsura pa nung mga nagtuturo! Hahahaha! Sa mga games pag may party, sa totoo lang ito lang ang sinasalihan ko.  Dito ko kasi nagagamit ang laki ng katawan ko.  Pero di rin sapat ang laki ng katawan kasi kailangan mabilis ka din kundi basag na palayok lang makukuha mo.  O di kaya eh sugat.

***Kinuha ko lang sa internet ang picture ng pukpok palayok.  Salamat ha…

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